Alisal LTC Pharmacy

Alisal  LTC Pharmacy has been the #1 pharmacy of choice in Salinas, California since 1944. We offer services to care facilities in and around Salinas, California.

Alisal LTC Pharmacy accepts all insurances including Medi-Cal and Central Coast Alliance.

We offer the Covid-19 Vaccination. You can sign up through the California my turn website:

Our promise to you is Empathetic, Accurate, and Honest Service. Stop in today and see how we can help you live a happy and healthy life.

Your Health Is Our Priority

Why Alisal LTC Pharmacy?

Our customer service is the foundation of our business. We understand every patient is different, and every patient needs something different. We Understand Empathy. We know you want everything to be right and on time. We offer free delivery and free health screenings to ensure we help everyone become happy and healthy.

Alisal Long Term Care Pharmacy

Alisal Long Term Care Pharmacy services the city of Salinas, California. We offer Cycle Fill, Free Delivery, and Drug Regimen Reviews and Consultations. Please reach out via the contact form for any questions you may have about our services.


We're not just a community pharmacy, we're much much more!

 Long Term Care, Retail, Immunizations, Medication Therapy Management, Diabetic Screenings. 

Empathy/Accuracy/Timely   #WeCare

We Accept Medi-Cal and Central Coast Alliance

Alisal Pharmacy accepts all form of insurance including Medi-Cal and Central Coast Alliance. Stop on in today and see how we can help with all your Pharmacy needs.

Interested in any of our services?

We are hereto help. Please reach out, ask us a question, or just say hi.



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